Monthly Archives: May 2012

Running Paradise

The first thing I do when I travel these days is to research popular running spots in that city or town. The next thing I do is to ask the hotel front-desk about local running routes. At the Marriott (Pune, Ahmedabad), I have received blank looks while at The Claridges in Delhi they actually have […]

Mid-Life Crises and Meltdowns

Two days ago, I was at a Timberland store trying out one of their new foldable and zippable slip-on shoes that you can wear without socks. One young salesman (and they really have nice people) knew exactly which buttons to push in a 47-years old man…he told me when I was trying them out that […]

Aa Bail Mujhe Maar!

Each time an airline’s employees go on strike and flights are canceled, the newspapers are full of “horror” stories of people who have been stranded or who have had to reschedule, etc. It makes for news…but any sympathy towards these passengers is quite unwarranted. When you have a choice, why would you fly Air India […]

The 5.30AM Test

Last Saturday, I was walking from The Claridges to Lodi Gardens in Delhi, at the start of an early morning run. I reached a signal. It was red. Four cars were waiting at the signal, behind the white line. I stopped, not sure when they would break the red. They however kept still. It suddenly […]