Monthly Archives: March 2012

Mumbai’s Idiot Scooterists and Bikers

I have written about this earlier, but four incidents this week pretty much show how we have completely lost control over two-wheelers and their riders in this city. A dental surgeon friend of mine was crossing the road on a red traffic signal near Capitol cinema in Girgaum. Suddenly from nowhere a scooter came in […]

We Can Keep Some Secrets…

By the time we got to watch “Kahaani”, most of our immediate world had already seen the film. It is a devious movie that uses a lie to fool us into believing a certain truth that turns out to be untrue in the end. Despite the number of people who had seen the film before […]

The Parents Are Learning to Say…No!

With nothing but budget-related tamasha all over, here is something that might help divert your mind away from this rubbish. Trust me! The budget as a rule is usually completely irrelevant for you and I. Last week, at a Gujju community dinner, I ran into a colleague’s parents.  While catching up with them, I remembered […]

The National Anthem at the Cinemas

This happened a couple of weeks ago (the day we also learnt that auto-rickshaws ply in Dongri), at a viewing of Agneepath at the IMAX. As usual, just before the film was to start, we stood up for the National Anthem. The song playing was the one that features challenged children miming and singing the […]

The Lovers’ Lanes of Matunga

This one is tricky and you’ll need to apply your mind! In the part of Matunga where I live, are four quiet, tree-lined blocks. From late morning till early evening, the place is pretty much dead, except for the occasional house-help, a few residents running errands and some minimal vehicular traffic. Over the last year […]