Monthly Archives: February 2012

Losing It

This happened a year ago. It was morning. I was walking from one office to another and had to cross the Hurkisondas Hospital junction. The signal was green for cars. I waited. Soon, the signal turned red and the traffic stopped. I started to cross. Just then, a motorbike came up from the side towards […]

The Levelers

Last week, my 12-years old daughter innocently asked, “What class are we? Middle Class?” I immediately said yes. She then asked, “Who is in the Upper Class?” I said “The Ambanis”. The next obvious question was, “Who is in the Lower Class?” I hesitated a bit. She immediately said “It’s good to be Middle Class.” […]

The Cold, Street Running and Five Fingers

While yesterday Mumbai airport looked like Delhi with people sporting sweaters, blazers, coats and shawls, for the last three days, even the streets have started looking like Delhi, with people wearing earmuffs and monkey-caps. I hope the cold lasts for some more time…not because I have a sudden yearning for Delhi, but because it makes […]

Not Rules, Just Guidelines!

There are many like me who get terribly upset at the increasing lack of traffic sense and the growing indiscipline. And while I have accepted that it is only going to get worse, when someone at 11.00 in the morning refuses to stop at a red signal, while I am waiting to cross the road, […]