Monthly Archives: January 2012

Who Knew! Our Policemen Make a Difference!

Last week’s piece, “What do we (Mumbaiites) have that Delhi doesn’t!” saw a spate of comments. Among the usual points discussed (our local train service, the better weather, etc), one thread that stood out was how “safe” Mumbai is and how helpful our policemen are, compared to Delhi. As with so many things, I guess […]

What Do We Have that Delhi Doesn’t!

Yesterday, five days after the Mumbai Marathon, I spent a day in Delhi. Delhi has become an impressive city. The new airport terminal, the roads, the metro, the hotels, restaurants, night-life, the gradual shift to becoming the art and culture capital of the country, have all in their own way contributed to Delhi’s emergence as […]

Buddhah Hoga…Tera Baap

This paper’s sister publication that also accompanies it in the morning, ran a front-page article on Thursday titled, “Middle-aged want to go the full distance”, starting with, “Visualize a 45-year old. The image that comes to your mind is that of a balding man who wears his paunch as proudly as his ability to knock […]

A Long, Long Way To Go

Two Saturdays ago, I wrote about customer service issues and the surprisingly pleasant experience I had with MTNL. Except for one negative feedback, I received at least 20 odd comments that were all pro-MTNL and in the same breath, anti-Vodafone/Reliance/Loop/Tata Indicom, i.e. essentially anti- all the other private players in the telecom market. This is […]