Monthly Archives: December 2011

Money Can Buy Some Happiness…But Friends?

I am sitting in Lonavala as I write this…away from work, no cars or noise, a clear sky and cool weather…my mind has changed gears. I am reading an article from a blog “” that talks about the aphorisms “money can’t buy you happiness”, “money isn’t everything”, etc. The article uses data from multiple studies […]

Please Treat Us Customers Well!

Three days ago, with quite some trepidation, I called MTNL customer care to try and get my ADSL Internet connection reactivated (I had disconnected it, in a fit of anger two years ago) and I was not particularly looking forward to making this call, given my earlier experiences. A matronly sounding lady picked up in […]

Running Wrong and Running Right

Sometimes perhaps it pays to work with professionals and I regret not having done so a long time ago when I first took up running. I know…this is the third article on running in the last few weeks, but hopefully it will be the last one before the Mumbai Marathon on January 15. I have […]

Money Can’t Buy You Respect, But Really…Who Cares!

This is a tricky one, so stay with me. The first time I saw a change in the attitude of store-workers of all color and creed in the Western world, was sometime last year in October, when I went to a mall in a suburb of Washington DC. As soon as I would enter any […]

The How and Why of Honking and Honkers in Mumbai

A couple of weeks ago I was in the city of Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada. Vancouverites are amazingly welcoming and polite, and more importantly, patient. While not as laid-back as St. Lucians, (who will not honk even if the traffic is backed up because two friends in their respective cars have decided […]