Monthly Archives: September 2011

When 2 + 2 Does Not Always Equal 4

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is an extremely engaging program when it comes to understanding the state of knowledge of the people in our country. And yet, the whole program is really only about memorizing and remembering facts and making educated guesses. Unlike in the past, more and more today, when information is freely available at […]

Return Gifts

Some readers agreed with my views last week on giving and receiving presents while others expressed their reservations. These reservations were related to the difficulty in keeping a count of gifts received, the obligation of having to return the “favor” at a later date, as well as the disharmony that occurs if the giver and […]

No Presents or Flowers, Blessings Only!

I received an SMS invite for a 50th birthday party to be held next week “…no presents or flowers. Only blessings, please!” I called my friend and told him that if he didn’t want gifts, that was his prerogative, but the next time I have a birthday party or an event, I will still want […]

Fasting with Water Only – It is a Big Deal and It Isn’t As Well!

A lot has been made about the fast that Anna Hazare and his followers undertook last week. A few news reports have even quoted his doctors saying that Anna Hazare is a “medical miracle”. This seems to be a bit of an over-the-top statement, probably because his doctors in Delhi have never handled people who […]