Monthly Archives: August 2011

“Dandas” and Etiquette!

Last week’s piece brought in a large number of reader responses. Many wrote in just to say how they had thought they were the only ones and perhaps therefore abnormal for not being affected by the proceedings currently on in Delhi. The common refrain was that it has become impossible to rationally discuss with most […]

Because Everyone Does!

It’s 8.30 in the morning. You are at a traffic signal. There is a taxi on your left, a car on your right and a BEST bus behind you. There are two bikes on your extreme left. The signal is red. Everyone’s gunning the accelerator, waiting to race ahead. There is no oncoming traffic and […]

Do You Answer Every Call on Your Cell, All the Time

It’s a loaded question. To make things simpler, I will answer first. I don’t pick up every call and definitely not all the time. Firstly, I don’t pick up unknown numbers. I have an address book of around 2500 numbers and if the number doesn’t match, it’s probably not worth the effort and I let […]

Different Strokes, Similar People

Two feedback emails last week. Coincidentally both from the same institution, that too a medical one. One, a teacher, the other a student. Two different perspectives, both very interesting. Nithya, the teacher. A couple of days back, my husband and I decided to catch the last (night) show of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Jaideep, my […]