Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Unraveling

Most days, life runs smoothly! Work is interesting. The kids are doing well. The wife is smiling. The parents are in reasonably good health. There are friends around. A couple of times a month, we are able to catch a film or two and eat out. Some weekends we are able to chill completely, sometimes […]

Aspirational Jargon

Today is one of those days! Last weekend, a senior colleague remarked, “Why is it that people now call Toilets, Washrooms?” I didn’t have an answer, but it got me thinking. It’s not just Toilets that have become Washrooms or Restrooms. People, places, things…nothing and no one has been spared the aspirational upscaling of the […]

Comfortably Numb

I was out on the road on Wednesday evening sleeping in the car when my daughter called my wife informing her about the bomb blasts, telling her that she and her brother were safe at home and wanting to know where and how we were. We were driving in from the Eastern suburbs. It was […]

The Times, They Are-A Changing…&@*#

In 1994, I went to see “Pulp Fiction” in a small town in the US, called Rochester, in the state of Minnesota. Those of you who have seen this film will remember how Mr. Quentin Tarantino made his actors use the “f***” word at least thrice in every sentence if not more, throughout the film. […]

The Narcissism of the “Third Thing”

One set of responses I received to last week’s piece on “The Third Thing” was quite interesting. Anand emailed, “Frankly, it makes me realize that doing these things is ‘absolutely human and normal’. Thanks my friend once again.” Mehul on FB said, “Good to know there are a lot many more people out there…I thought […]