Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Pleasure of Writing and Being Read…and a Question at the End

Every now and then, I get asked the ‘why’ question. ‘Why do you write?’ or its variation, ‘How can you keep writing on demand, week after week? What is your motivation?’ It’s like asking a doctor why he/she diagnoses and treats patients or a lawyer why he/she advises clients on legal matters. When you like […]

If Feet Had Wings, Sweepers Would Fly

Two days ago, this paper carried a piece on how applicants for Class IV jobs for sweepers and ward-boys in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) were asked to prove their fitness as a pre-requisite, by running a distance of 4 kms in 15 minutes. 971 odd people had applied. None qualified! I skimmed through this […]

The Right to Live and Die

The last week has seen a lot of newsprint on this subject. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered to add to this verbiage, but euthanasia is something that I have been so passionate about since my college days that I couldn’t let it go. There was a time when I was so young that the very […]

The Overcrowded Railway Station

My driver drops me off at the “D” gate, which is hidden behind a throng of travelers and their relatives sitting and standing with large bags on multiple trolleys. I finally find the line. The person behind me keeps shoving the entire 5 minutes it takes to get to the gate and then actually hands […]