Monthly Archives: February 2011

What Age is the Right Age for Kids to Have Their First Cell-phone?

My twins are 11-years old. A select few of their friends carry cell-phones. My niece is 14-years old. Most of her friends already have cell-phones. My kids have asked us a couple of times for their own individual phones but have not pushed the issue when we’ve refused. My niece craves for and argues for […]

The Rs. 50 Rip-Off

Popcorn – Rs. 50. Vegetable sandwich – Rs. 50. A small paper cup of cola – Rs. 50. A small paper cup of mineral water – Rs. 50! And that’s when I balked. We are so used to getting ripped off in cinema houses, theaters and concerts as far as food and beverages are concerned […]

Sailana and Saliyana (And It’s Not About Either)

I came across both these words serendipitously on a Sunday morning, two-three weeks ago, and they sounded so cool and catchy together that I couldn’t but help use them as the title of this piece. Sailana used to be a princely state that Mr. Vir Sanghvi wrote about a couple of Sundays back. The context […]