Monthly Archives: June 2010

Extreme Time Warps

I sometimes find myself wondering about the extreme time warps we live with. One is our black and yellow taxis, which are just complete disasters. There was once a time perhaps, many decades ago, when taking a cab meant that you were well-heeled and people would actually look up to you, if they saw you […]

The ‘Unputdownable’ Lisbeth Salander

Crime thrillers, detective stories and mystery novels rarely have original plots. The basic premise of someone committing a crime and someone trying to solve it, has not changed in centuries. The reason we find some authors and stories more interesting than others is mainly because of the way in which the words are handled, or […]

Crossing the Circle

Last Sunday, in exasperation and anger, I hit the rear passenger door of an Audi with the flat of my hand. The Audi went a little ahead and slowed down, but then prudently decided to drive on, once a traffic policeman started walking towards it. My hand however kept stinging for another 10 minutes. And […]