Monthly Archives: April 2010

My Kids’ Grouse with Mr. Anu Malik’s Rudeness!

During dinner last night, my kids and my nephew starting discussing the Indian Idol eliminations that are currently being aired on television. This was the first time that they were watching these early Indian Idol episodes and the main topic of discussion was the judges’ rudeness. They felt that Mr. Anu Malik and the other […]

I am Alive Because of My Child…But my Child is Not…Alive!

I can keep going on and on about all the issues that irk me day after day, as far as drivers and cars in Mumbai are concerned. Overshooting the white line at the signal, incessant honking, refusing to give way and driving in the middle of a two-lane road, making sudden turns without signaling…the list […]

The IPAD Phenomenon – When Paradigms Shift Drastically

There are times and there are times. And there’s this week. My IPAD arrived Monday (thanks Madhavi and Amol). Today is Thursday night and I am sitting in front of it, the device propped up on a custom-made, solid teak-wood stand designed by Murthy (thanks Murthy), touch-typing this piece on the Pages app. The only […]

Stupid or Smart! It’s All a Matter of Perspective!

Last week, during the Easter weekend, with access to our favorite garden cut-off, my wife and I landed up at Five Gardens for a walk. Usually a quiet and popular place in the evenings, the area last week was a complete disaster. The heavy traffic on the central roads not only raised the decibel levels […]

How the Cloud has Made me Free

Warning: If you’re not one of those who sleeps with a laptop and breathes connectivity, you might find this piece a shade boring. Or not! I am a self-professed geek. I bought my first laptop in 1994 and since then, have hardly ever been without one by my side, day or night. My wife used […]