Monthly Archives: March 2010

People Can’t Be Purged

A couple of months ago, a colleague expired. I called up the family and expressed my condolences. The matter rested there, until last week, when finding myself with some free time at the airport, I started going through the address book on my cell phone and came across the dead colleague’s entry. I paused for […]

It’s Because They Have Guns, Stupid!

I have this fantasy. I am driving a high-end bulldozer on Mumbai’s roads. Whenever I find a cab or a car parked or driving illegally, I slam into it and convert it into metal pulp. I am the road-warrior, in charge of keeping the roads of Mumbai safe. I am the unchallenged Emperor of Concrete. […]

We Want Our Own Man’s Day

Early this week was Woman’s Day. The brouhaha was considerable with everyone and their uncle and aunt trying to woo the woman in an attempt to get her to spend her own or her man’s money on whatever and wherever, in whichever manner possible. And the same day and the next few also saw the […]

Is Negative Thinking Always Bad? Think Again!

The last few weeks have seen a spate of suicides among school-going children in our city, the usual reasons touted being the stress of exams and studies coupled with unrealistic expectations from peers and parents and eventually the inability to cope with these pressures. An interesting article, in a recent issue of the New York […]