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Hope: Melanoma, Miracles, Mirages

Amy Harmon is a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist with the New York Times, who writes articles about the “effect of science and technology on American life

Making A Difference – Changing Lives and Being Changed as Well

When you can make a difference to someone’s life, when you can influence peoples’ behavior for the better and have the ability to do this repeatedly, it changes you as well. Not too many people in this world can claim to have positively changed the lives of people who are not just their relatives and […]

The Republic of Karmistan – Day 8, 24

Mr. Anil Kapoor, in Season 8 of the show “24”, plays the role of Mr. Omar Hassan, the President of the Islamic Repubic of Karmistan. In the first five hours (episodes) of the show, while in New York, he has already survived an assassination attempt by his brother who has since vanished, his American mistress […]

The Future of Books My Friend, Is Only Electronic!

“Bhavinbhai, you are spoilt, man”. The “bhai”, when sarcastically affixed to a Gujju name, especially by a non-Gujju, reflects a certain state of Gujju being; well-fed and flashy and showy. Chaitanya from Boston used this line to comment on my Facebook status update two days ago. I had written, “Just saw the IPAD specs, etc […]