Monthly Archives: January 2010

The Great Marathon Divide and Other Stray Thoughts

1. Mumbai’s class divide: This was never more apparent than when you looked at the people who came out of their houses to cheer us during last week’s marathon. When running through the middle class area around Lilavati Hospital leading to the Bandra Sealink or along the northern part of Worli Seaface till where it […]

Registered for Tomorrow’s Marathon? Dropping Out Because You’re Unprepared? Think Again!

This is for all those, who like me, registered very enthusiastically for the half-marathon/marathon in July and were already training or had started doing so in earnest, but have since, for a variety of reasons, not been able to get into adequate shape and are now not too confident of running or are thinking of […]

Smart and Brainy = “Good” Doctor! Yeah Right!

The stultifying stupefying status of our education system is suddenly being talked about with renewed vigor, thanks to “3 Idiots”.   It’s not just that teachers don’t inspire. Students hardly ever ask questions and usually behave like zombies, few parents create a conducive, questioning environment at home and job-givers are rarely enthused by non-conforming job […]

Simple, Healthy New Year Resolutions

Ring-a Ring-a roses Pocket full of poses Husha, busha All fall down This ditty and the game are an integral part of growing up. As part of an urban legend, many also believe that this refers to the Great Plague of London of 1665, a time when people used to fall down (die) sneezing. Assuming […]