Monthly Archives: December 2009

A Year of Friday 8PM Deadlines

I am not used to weekly deadlines. And so, the 8.00PM Friday one, which is the time by which I have to turn in my piece for this column, has become an interesting milestone that I have to abide by, and one that now affects quite significantly the way in which I spend most of […]

Stupid is as Stupid Does: Speeding, Rage and Idiotic Driving

The last two weeks have seen all of the above, singly or in combination hitting the headlines. Someone burning with road rage, overtook a car near the airport dragged the driver to the car, drove off with him, then dropped him, in the process running over him and killing him. Speeding cars on the Sealink […]

Entitlement – Does it Begin With Schools?

Last week’s piece on “entitlement” evoked quite a response. Since Facebook allows more interactive communication, a very interesting thread developed around this. Sharada, from the US, immediately wrote “be generous with your time with them; demonstrate empathy and charity; keep your own head on your shoulders; live in a neighborhood that does not scream money […]

Entitlement and The New Rules of Parenting

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the DYKWIA syndrome; people who keep going around shouting “Do you know who I am?”, especially when they seem to be ignored or poorly served, trying to throw their weight around in an attempt to get ahead of others next to them, to get better and superior service. There […]