Monthly Archives: November 2009

We are like that only…or are we?

Today, as I write this, is the 26/11 “day”. There has been a gradual media build-up over the last week, culminating in today’s intense newspaper focus. I presume this is true of the television networks as well, but I no longer bother watching. The print media is full of interviews, post-mortems, analyses, etc, among which, […]

Do You Know Who I Am!

Last Saturday, flying my favorite blue and yellow airline to Delhi, I was lucky to get an upgrade. I stretched my legs in the first row, in an attempt to sleep through the take-off and hopefully for a little while longer. I must have fallen asleep when suddenly I was woken up by a loud […]

Maximum Reaction in a Maximum City

When did we all become like this? Jittery, unsure, scared, afraid? On Wednesday, the weather guys said that there could be a possible problem with cyclone Phyan. The BMC immediately went into overdrive with their advisory. Consequently, schools were let off early. Offices shut down in the mid-afternoon. By evening, literally and figuratively, parts of […]

Service Follow-Ups

Following the two consecutive pieces that I wrote related to problems with service-oriented companies, early this week, Sanjay started a thread on his blog to describe his travails with a particular brand of router and the local service partner…he went through a lot of angst, but it thankfully finally ended well.  People are not perfect. […]