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We took a family vacation to Goa during the last Diwali weekend and were booked to stay in a premier property belonging to one of the major multinational chains. Even though we go to Goa for a family vacation at least once every three years or so and what happened during this trip is probably […]

The Times They Are A-Changing…But Perhaps Not That Much

Aka – Tata Nano or “Nono” On the 1st of May, early this year, I had written a piece about the Tata Nano being a herald of changing times. I had raved about the great experience that I had had on the website where I was able not only to choose the model and color, […]

Hardship Allowance for Living in Mumbai? Really?

Sometime back, I met someone from the UK, who had been sent to India by his company, to start a local branch. He was living in a 2500 square feet apartment on Altamount Road, while his office was in Nariman Point. He had an E-class Mercedes, with an English-speaking chauffeur, along with a cook, a […]

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Last weekend was so action-packed! “Someone” said “Bombay”, the “other” wanted “Mumbai”. The “other” immediately howled, and “someone” promptly blinked; and in the bargain, all of us living in Mumbai/Bombay had our emotions and feelings trampled upon as if we didn’t matter; willing, placid, emotionless recipients of their thrusting shenanigans. I was livid. And not […]

Made by Man

Earlier this week, most newspapers ran a story about an article in the current issue of Nature, which discussed genetic similarities and variations in Indians, The general thread of the “lay” coverage was that there are no pure “North Indians” or  “South Indians” and that all Indians share common genes from the Ancestral North Indian […]