Monthly Archives: August 2009

Why Multiplex Brands are Irrelevant

I am freely borrowing this quote without permission from a friend (thanks Sanjay), who put it up on Facebook, three days ago, “I used to frequently visit Big Cinema / IMAX at Wadala. Enjoyed the cinema, great seats, ample space.. And then Fun Cinemas came up at Chembur. Walking distance. I have not been to […]

“We Have No Time to Stand and Stare”

On my way to the airport yesterday, I pulled out the laptop, hoping to finish my new piece on last week’s Shahrukh Khan’s airport escapade. Just as I started typing, my cell rang. While answering the call, I heard an SMS “ping”. The moment the call ended and I started reading the SMS, the phone […]

Love in The Times of Swine Flu

This week has been so surreal that it has been impossible to even think of writing about anything else other than H1N1 and the swine flu. I had been writing my piece on swine flu over the last three days, trying to highlight in a slightly funny and sarcastic manner, the ongoing mass hysteria, the […]

Black and Yellow Carbuncles

One of my favorite fantasies has me riding shotgun on a large bulldozer with a huge flame-thrower cradled over my shoulder. As soon as I come upon a black and yellow (B & Y) cab that is crawling forward at less than 30km per hour, or cutting in or not giving way or taking a […]

If You Don’t Like, Don’t See It

My morning routine involves a 15-minute read of the front pages of all the English newspapers; rarely is there any item that positively changes my mental outlook for the day. This Thursday though was different. At least two papers carried a news item that had me chuckling throughout the day, keeping me so amused that […]