Monthly Archives: June 2009

Six Months of “Something About Nothing?”

Today’s piece marks the six-month anniversary of this column’s existence since it first saw the light of day on 27th Dec 2008. I am neither a celebrity, nor a political commentator or film reviewer and hence it is only thanks to you readers that this column works, especially since the most angst I have expended […]

The Thepla, Khakhra, Chunda and Mukhwaas Bag

When Gujjus (and I suspect others as well) travel long distance, there is usually one bag that occupies pride of place on their luggage trolleys and carts and is protected with utmost care to ensure that nothing inside breaks. This is what they usually contain. 1. Theplas. These can be plain, sweet or made with […]

Track and Be Tracked

For the last few years, I have always felt envious of my friends and family abroad, whenever they have driven me around in their cars from one place to another. Virtually all their cars are equipped with GPS tracking devices, which use detailed road maps to help them get from one place to another, without […]

A Magical World

About a week ago, I was lazing on a stone bench in the mid-afternoon, between Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor in Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, having just finished lunch, while the rest of the family was busy zapping aliens. People were walking and strolling all around me, some fast, […]