Monthly Archives: April 2009

One Smile is All it Takes

Queues are stressful. Whether they are airport security lines or the lines at the passport office; they are all uniformly distasteful. Here’s what happened two weeks ago. I have to get a passport renewal done. I reach at 9.45AM to see that a large line has already formed, since people have been queuing up from […]

How Beautiful Should a Voice Look?

Three days ago, a friend (thanks, Tillu), posted a YouTube link on Facebook about Susan Boyle’s performance on the show “Britain’s Got Talent”. After you type Susan Boyle in the search bar on YouTube, you should choose the first video; it is 7:08 minutes long, because it contains her pre-performance build-up as well. Here we […]

It Takes Guts!

My generation has always been eternally cynical. When it comes to voting, politicians and elections, this is even more pronounced. So what are the options available to us during an election? 1. Not vote 2. Go to the voting booth and then decide not to vote (Rule 49 O). 3. Do research and find out […]

The Republic of South Bombay

This confidential letter landed on our news-desk two days ago. Though there was no letterhead, we believe that it came from someone close to the “Powers that Be”, who run are country. It was addressed to a gentleman from Colaba, who shall remain anonymous for everyone’s sake. “Dear Mr. ____. The letter that we received […]