Monthly Archives: February 2009

It’s Not Just About Rs. 90


Life in a Facebook World

Five midnights back, I was awoken by an SMS from a friend that warned about the dangers of the new changes that Facebook (FB) had made to its Terms of Service (TOS). The implication was “THE WORLD IS GOING TO END”. The next day saw similar emotional outbursts on FB. This was an EMERGENCY to […]

The “Penguin Law” Holds

Here’s a new one for the school rule-book: “If you want parents during the Annual School production to stay till the very end and not leave once their child’s part is done, you must put on a musical with penguins and make sure that each child wears a penguin mask”. Each year, a gaggle of […]

Baby Face and Pink Lips Laugh as KM Leaves HT

On Saturday, My wife smsed me, “KM is leaving HT”. My instinctive reaction was “Good for HT…and for all of us”. Why? Here’s a review that we

The Screams of Rock On

Exactly 2.51 minutes into the album version of “Pichle saat dinon mein”, which starts with “Meri laundry ka ek bill”, Farhan Akhtar, in typical rock-star fashion, screams out the word “roya” at the end of the line “kabhi khud pein hasa main aur kabhi khud pe roya”. My twins know exactly when that scream will […]