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Through Someone Else’s Looking Glass

Sometimes, when we see ourselves through others

Open-Air Haikus

“Simple soft leaves And branches holding them Hey, don’t pluck them” This is a haiku that my 8-year old daughter wrote, with help from her guide (thanks Anita), under a large tree, in one of the “Five Gardens”. When I was 8-years old, I didn

LOL???….Ha! ROFL!!

Within two hours of my joining Facebook, my 20-something nephew wrote on my wall. N: “really din expect u here mamu…welcome…” I retorted : “Why? Is this a hangout for only 20-somethings?” N came back with: “oh no not at all…rather i wud say u can fake ur age here n enjoy ur freetime…dreams are […]

The Lands of Darkness

According to the Wikipedia, the original “Land of Darkness” is the Forest of Abkhazia, popularized by the medieval writings of Sir John Mandeville, where God created an impenetrable darkness around the forest to trap the Persion Emperor Saures’ army that was persecuting Christian subjects. The “Land of Darkness” is now a popular phrase, coined by […]

What Olive and Indigo need to learn from “badam-nu-shaak” and “idli-stew”

I had a “must-attend” wedding reception to go to, at the Turf Club/Racecourse, on Monday. I also had a friend visiting from New York, with only Monday night to spare for dinner. To make the best of a complicated situation, we booked a table at the Racecourse Olive. The plan was to wish the couple […]