Monthly Archives: May 2006

Water, water everywhere, but not a tissue to dry

This appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. Two Mondays back, this paper ran a hilarious story on the absence of water in the wash-rooms of some of the five-star hotels in the suburbs. Apparently, the individual concerned had filed a complaint with the BMC and there was a graphic description of how people who needed to […]

Just Once is Enough

This essay appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. We had the 20th class reunion of our medical college batch that joined LTMMC in 1982, about four years ago. Except for those few who didn

Much Ado Over Khakhras

This appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. Last month, I had to travel to a Middle-Eastern country for two days. I called a friend of mine who lives there to tell him that I was coming and we fixed up to meet for lunch, the day after my arrival. I then asked him if he wanted […]