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Rang de Basanti

Aamir Khan loves being in

Of the idli ilk

This is my new piece that came in today’s Mumbai Mirror. After having been around for 40 odd years, you often start believing that you

Kati Patang

This has been published in today’s Mumbai Mirror. The crease between the middle and distal phalanges of my right index finger digit is burning and hurting a bit, because of a small cut, along the outer aspect, which like the black ink on the nail during voting time, is my mark of having flown kites […]

Tull they come

This was published in today’s Mumbai Mirror. A few weeks ago, a senior colleague who lives in South Mumbai, walked into my office and mentioned how he enjoyed reading about Matunga. He then asked me why I did not write about the culture in Matunga, about the dance recitals and classical music concerts, etc. that […]