Monthly Archives: November 2005

Good food, palatable prices

This was the piece that was published in the Mumbai Mirror, today. In a previous pseudo-socialist lifetime, mesmerized by Ayn Rand and living on endless cups of canteen chai, an article that Mr. Anil Dharker wrote, helped us fill at least three days of

The Bollywood Walk of Fame

This article appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. A few days ago, a friend of mine was telling me about his brother-in-law who was cribbing about the high rates in a new building in one of the back roads of Matunga. Apart from the fact that new buildings in this area do command a premium, this […]

Birds of a Feather….

This article appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. Thomas Schelling won the Nobel Prize for Economics a few weeks ago, mainly for his work on

A Bit Listless

This is my Mumbai Mirror piece that was published yesterday. A good number of people in Matunga have been born here, have studied here, married in the greater Matunga area, have delivered here, have had their children go to schools here and their children seem to be continuing the same tradition. There must be a […]