Monthly Archives: September 2005

Death do us together – Musubiai

This is my new piece that was published today in Mumbai Mirror. Not mentioned in the article, is the fact that musubiai is a term that I came upon while trolling the net at J Ito’s site. A few weeks ago, as I drove out of the Sion crematorium at around midnight, I couldn

Ganpati Hopping

This is my new piece for Mumbai Mirror, that appeared today. Saturday before last, we made a big mistake. We decided to take the kids out for Ganpati darshan, and unfortunately, we started first with the GSB Ganpati at the Cosmopolitan grounds. It was like starting an Agatha Christie book from the last page

Empathy (Or My Lack of It)…Revisited

I wrote about my empathy drying up almost five years ago. Not much seems to have changed. New Orleans is no more. An entire city

Matunga’s Running Problem

This is today’s Mumbai Mirror piece. “2BHK, 5 minutes from Five Gardens