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About a Training School for Girls About to Be Women…And the need for Strong Hands

I first read about this on Uma’s site and followed the link to Amit’s site for a hilarious take-off. The original article appeared in yesterday’s TOI, but apparently according to Charu, this had appeared earlier in the Hindu and on Rediff. These links per se should suffice, but just to encapsulate. Bhopal has a training […]

Kids Find The Darndest Thing Funny…About “24” and Time Bomb 9/11

We are great fans of “24” and have already seen Seasons 1-3 on DVD, not wanting to wait till the show aired in India. In fact, my season 4 DVD set has just been posted by Amazon UK to my sister’s place in London and I should probably get it by next week. “24” airs […]

Site Finally Looking Good, PILs and Silly Talk

I finally figured out how to work with Movable Type. Thanks to Ajit and Jigs, Movable Type 2.6x was upgraded to 3.1x yesterday. I spent many hours this evening trying to figure out how to use MT correctly and properly and finally with the help of Elise’s site, things worked out. The site finally looks […]

All About the Rains

After writing about our experiences on Terrible Tuesday, my thoughts turned towards those times when the rains were fun. This was when I was much younger and had the time to appreciate the rains. This piece is out today in the Mumbai Mirror. For the last few years though, each time it rains, the first […]

Rain-Soaked Memories

This appears in today’s Mumbai Mirror. It is so ironic that what sustains life can treacherously take it away as well. And yet, amidst all the chaos and misery that has been wrought by the rains over the last week, run memories of fun times as well. Until I finished my PG, I didn

Of Taxis, Mid-Day, etc.

I am trying to assess the spread of the previous avatar of MFM. I found my Top Ten piece on Mumbai taxis reproduced with permission. Which led me to remember how it had been plagiarized by a journalist working for (the online version of Mid-Day) and how an alert reader had caught this within […]