Monthly Archives: June 2005

No Mall-Practice in Matunga

This was published in today’s Mumbai Mirror. There is a small shop called Vijay Stores, on the market road from King

Dimple on the Cheek of Matunga

Way before Baskin Robbins almost killed Abbas (the circulating library), way before the softy ice-cream wars erupted along the southern corner of

Mapless in Matunga

This is the first Mumbai Mirror article We, Matungaeans (I hope I get the credit for coining this word) are a bit schizoid

A New Beginning

Its been almost 3 years now since I last updated the site. At some point, I guess, I just got bored with the site. I was also facing a losing battle with time. Professionally, things have grown to an unanticipated level over the last five years. And, the twins are growing up fast as well, […]