Monthly Archives: July 2001


The promos started last month. Amitabh sitting on a throne, looking devious and menacing. Raveena doing a Demi-Moorish strip-tease. Amitabh cavorting with Nandita Das. A couple of weeks later, Manoj Bajpai’s visage entered the promos and the prominent “fall-through-the-waterfall” scene featuring Amitabh and Bajpai was incorporated. News started filtering in, that Amitabh was playing a […]

Its A Small World

We may have reached the 1 billion mark and we may be the second most populous country in the world, but in some respects, we are still a very small community. Last night, we went for a small, surprise birthday party that WFM’s friend’s wife, Pushpa had thrown for her dentist husband, Paresh. Pushpa asked […]