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Active Elders

Oscar Wilde said it so well, “the tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young”. The definition of “elderly” is ever changing. In my 40s, I feel like I am 30 years old (though my body does not always agree) and I assume that in my 70s, I […]

Under the (Fly)Over

If you actually remember the lovely restaurant at Kemp’s Corner, which was the precursor to all things Indigo…man, you are old! And no this article is not about that at all! It’s amazing how things can sometimes turn a full circle! A few weeks ago, in response to one of my articles on the deterioration […]

…That is Slowly Deteriorating

The first half of the title and article appeared last week. This two-part is the result of an email sent by an ex-Chembur, current Antop Hill resident, who keeps coming to Matunga on a regular basis. An editor herself, she is frustrated by the way the businesses have slowly but surely taken over all the […]

A Changing Neighborhood…

This piece is in two parts and will be concluded next week. Up to about 10-15 years ago, the Circle was a sleepy little place that hardly ever saw any new activity…for the first 25-30 years of my life, a new shop on the Circle or even a little renovation of an existing shop was […]

The Lovers’ Lanes of Matunga

This one is tricky and you’ll need to apply your mind! In the part of Matunga where I live, are four quiet, tree-lined blocks. From late morning till early evening, the place is pretty much dead, except for the occasional house-help, a few residents running errands and some minimal vehicular traffic. Over the last year […]

Who Knew! Our Policemen Make a Difference!

Last week’s piece, “What do we (Mumbaiites) have that Delhi doesn’t!” saw a spate of comments. Among the usual points discussed (our local train service, the better weather, etc), one thread that stood out was how “safe” Mumbai is and how helpful our policemen are, compared to Delhi. As with so many things, I guess […]

The “Penguin Law” Holds

Here’s a new one for the school rule-book: “If you want parents during the Annual School production to stay till the very end and not leave once their child’s part is done, you must put on a musical with penguins and make sure that each child wears a penguin mask”. Each year, a gaggle of […]

Open-Air Haikus

“Simple soft leaves And branches holding them Hey, don’t pluck them” This is a haiku that my 8-year old daughter wrote, with help from her guide (thanks Anita), under a large tree, in one of the “Five Gardens”. When I was 8-years old, I didn

Storm in a coffee cup

This has appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. Expresso in my childhood days meant a frothy coffee with milk, halfway between a cappuccino and latte, that used to be served in movie halls and theatres. At home too, this was made on special occasions as a treat and like the new Bru ad, the fun was […]

Realty bites

This has been published today in the Mumbai Mirror. I am still trying to recover from a shock I received last Sunday, which I still can