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Coping with Tragedy

On Wednesday, all the front pages carried a story of the murder-suicide of a family of four at Bhakti Park in Wadala. Apparently, there was a dispute regarding the apartment, and the debt-ridden father killed his wife, his two sons and then himsel When I came home that evening, my children pulled me into their […]

The Hand of Father Gatti

Last week, during a conversation with a senior colleague, I remembered Father Gatti, our vice-principal in the primary section in the 70s. Father Gatti was a huge man or at least in those days, seemed huge to us rat-like kids. He also had a big, fleshy hand with thick fingers, whose marks on our visages […]

Mud-Splattered Nirvana

Our relationship with the rains is completely schizoid. While we want it to rain, so that there is enough water throughout the year, we get really stressed and irritated when it rains on our way to work or when we are traveling to keep an appointment, or basically at anytime during the workweek. And yet […]

Lunch – The Most Important Period in School

“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”, is a popular saying in the Western World. In India, it should read, “breakfast like a prince, lunch like an emperor and dinner like a king”. Our obsession with lunch manifests itself in many ways, one being the Six-Sigma acknowledged “dabba” system, […]

The “Penguin Law” Holds

Here’s a new one for the school rule-book: “If you want parents during the Annual School production to stay till the very end and not leave once their child’s part is done, you must put on a musical with penguins and make sure that each child wears a penguin mask”. Each year, a gaggle of […]

Opingo Batingo

This appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. A couple of weeks ago, we went to the 10th wedding anniversary of a close school friend. While mingling with some other friends who were there, I suddenly had the wind blown out of me by a big thump on my back. I turned around and found another old […]

80 batch reunion

This piece appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. One of the benefits of contributing to

ABC to PhD

This was published in today’s Mumbai Mirror. Quiz Question: In which part of Mumbai, do you get four major institutions, meeting at one crossroad? Answer: Matunga. Don Bosco, Khalsa College, VJTI and UDCT, all meet at a cross-road, which would deserve its own two-page spread, in any coffee-table book on famous cross-roads in India. Before […]

Rain-Soaked Memories

This appears in today’s Mumbai Mirror. It is so ironic that what sustains life can treacherously take it away as well. And yet, amidst all the chaos and misery that has been wrought by the rains over the last week, run memories of fun times as well. Until I finished my PG, I didn

Girls and the All-Boys’s School

This was published in today’s Mumbai Mirror.