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A Dislocated Jaw in Mid-Air

A couple of month ago, I was on my way back from Bhubaneshwar with a couple of other doctor friends. I was trying to catch up on some shows on my iPAD and had my noise-canceling QC-20 earphones on, when one of my colleagues nudged me. I looked at him and he signalled me to […]

Dying in Mumbai – The Care-Givers’ Hell

Dying in Mumbai This is a four-part series exploring death and dying in Mumbai   The Care-Givers’ Hell! People die all the time. While sudden deaths leave havoc in their wake, at the least, they are quick and “good” deaths. Many people though, linger at the edge of death. Ill and diseased with multi-organ complications, […]

6.0 cr. The New Value of a Life and the Cost of Poor Communication

The Supreme Court day before yesterday, in a medical negligence case, awarded about Rs. 6 crores to the plaintiff, the highest ever in Indian medico-legal history. Eerily, it was just last week that I wrote about the “shidori” lecture I had given to the new 1st MBBS batch in GS Medical where I spoke about […]


S called late Thursday afternoon to tell me that M had just flown in from D and she and M both thought it would be a good idea to catch up sans spouses. It had been a long time and we hadn’t even had any drunches and I was really, really tempted. But I was […]

The No-Show

Some time back, the parents of an 8-years old Indian-origin boy from Dubai came to me to get a bone tumor in the left hip treated. A tentative date was fixed for the surgery after a detailed con-call with the parents who had returned to Dubai. My coordinator, S, took over and he was in […]

Our Frail Lives!

Mrigank Warrier is a 22-years old medical student who blogs to “let go”. His last piece, written after a few of his friends went abroad for further studies, is “…a vent to my apprehensions of the years to come”. Mrigank, here is what happens! All of you do well, some exceptionally so. Those who go […]

No Turn-Backs Please

An important point that patients might like to remember is, “Don’t turn back and ask a question while leaving.” Here is how things can go badly wrong – a real-life incident narrated by a colleague as a letter to a patient! You came to me for a consultation. We went through all your problems in […]

The Male Doctor and the Female Patient

Starting today, once a month or more frequently, I will also address the changing paradigms of the doctor-patient relationship. Last month, a family physician’s name was dragged into the spotlight when a female patient of his cried “rape” after a consultation, where he and she were alone in the consulting room for some time while […]

Why We Need Family Physicians!

Some days ago, the parents of a friend of mine were faced with a complicated cardiac situation for which they saw three cardiac surgeons and three cardiologists based on recommendations from friends and family. They received six different opinions that included surgeons recommending no surgery and cardiologists advising surgery. Finally, they decided to get surgery […]

Injured? You must go to Sion

This was published in today’s Mumbai Mirror. A certain percentage of reader feed-back has always focused on the frivolousness of my writing.