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The “Chubbies” of Club Mahindra

We are not Club Mahindra members, but this year when we thought of a short holiday in Munnar, this was the only property everyone said we must visit. It is also among the few Club Mahindra properties that has hotel rooms given out to non-members and we managed to get a booking. The property is […]


Though I am in my late 40s, I usually feel 30ish and on good days, 20ish. The world however never misses a chance to remind me that I am not 20 or 30 years old anymore. Last weekend my wife and I flew to Hyderabad for a running event. I had pre-reserved the seats 1D […]

The Alternate Universe of the Bizarre and Insane

Bizarre things happen these days! Vincent Van Gogh was looking out the window of his Worli Sea Face apartment. The monsters were back, teasing and beckoning him from the turbulent waves crashing on those horrible tripods. He just had had a fight with Sharmila and he couldn’t understand why she was not able to pierce […]

A Sure-Fire Weight Loss Method

LOSE WEIGHT! 2 KG IN TWO WEEKS!!! NO DIET! NO EXERCISE!!! SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN!!!!! I have grabbed your attention haven’ I! But I do have a secret way of losing weight…all in due course. When I first became weight conscious, I was told it was a simple equation. Calorie intake less than calorie expense equals weight […]

Telephone Angst

Greed! The fodder for our columns that connects idiot spot-fixing cricketers and gullible, Saradha-like pyramid scheme investors…I would rather focus on more relevant and important issues. The generational divide is never more apparent than when someone above the age of 65 wants to get in touch. This is how it goes. My cell rings. When […]

The One Doctor You Don’t Want!

At the outset, apologies to all doctors named “Michael Pinto”. I am not sure how embellished this story is, but I did hear it from the horse’s mouth. A doctor friend of mine told me about an 82-years old patient of his, who had suddenly become drowsy and had to be admitted to a local […]

Your Blessings for a Dinner Plate

A few weeks ago, much was made in the papers about a high-profile businessman who quietly stood in line at a wedding reception when he could easily have cut the line. Honestly, these stories are nothing but sops meant to con us into believing that the super-rich are still human. But that’s not the point! The […]

The Tale of Two Films…A Good “Bad” Original and its Bad “Bad” Remake

When non-Indians ask for masala Bollywood film choices, I tell them to start with Sholay, then try Amar Akbar Anthony or Yaadon ki Baarat and finally Himmatwala. 1983. We had just finished a brain-squeezing exam and 30 of us wanted to leave those brains behind and watch a “bad” Hindi film. Himmatwala playing at Badal/Bijlee […]

The Smart-Phone License

Two days ago, I came across a post by Ms Janell Burley Hofmann in the Huffington Post regarding an iPhone she had gifted her 13-year old, on condition he would agree to a written contract of rules. All of us who are parents of tweens and teens should read this post and then share it […]

Jay, Veeru And Digital Bigamy

Last week I briefly mentioned that despite being an Apple fan-boy, I had switched to Android with a Samsung Galaxy Note II. The main driver was the loss of Google Maps from the Apple ecosystem. I received quite a few emails from confused individuals, asking for more details. So here goes… First. Don’t even think […]