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Baby Face and Pink Lips Laugh as KM Leaves HT

On Saturday, My wife smsed me, “KM is leaving HT”. My instinctive reaction was “Good for HT…and for all of us”. Why? Here’s a review that we

King Kong is Shrinking in Sion

This piece appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. Sometimes, to appreciate greatness, it helps to have something inferior nearby. Last Saturday, we finished watching John Guillermin

Rang de Basanti

Aamir Khan loves being in

No Duvidha – Batman Begins Pounds Parineeta & Paheli

After a long, long time, I actually managed to squeeze in three current films within one week. My wife and I saw Parineeta at the Wadala IMAX late Saturday night. The next Thursday, I went with a gully friend of mine to see Batman Begins, at CineMax in Sion, and the next night, a few […]

Dil Chahta Hai

This Friday we were again stuck in the stalls at Aurora in Matunga. Those were the only tickets available and that too scrounged from a friend who knew a friend who knew a friend… Wooden seats, a bad crowd of teenagers in the back row cracking inane jokes at the slightest provocation and an opening […]


At the outset, I must warn you that I am biased. About two months ago, I bought a large number of Mukta Arts shares assuming that if Yaadein became a hit, market sentiment would drive up the price and get me decent returns. As a result, I was desperate to see the film on the […]


The promos started last month. Amitabh sitting on a throne, looking devious and menacing. Raveena doing a Demi-Moorish strip-tease. Amitabh cavorting with Nandita Das. A couple of weeks later, Manoj Bajpai’s visage entered the promos and the prominent “fall-through-the-waterfall” scene featuring Amitabh and Bajpai was incorporated. News started filtering in, that Amitabh was playing a […]

Biwi No 1 (Or…Khalid Mohammed Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hain)

I am a great fan of Khalid Mohammed (KM). His reviews make a difference to me and chances are that I would rarely go out of the way to see a film that he has reviewed with two stars or less. But, he does tend to go overboard at times – like the five stars […]