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Why I Did not Return All Those Valentine’s Day Greetings!!!

Wikipedia says that Valentine’s Day was first introduced in India around 1992 due to channels like MTV. Perhaps! My wife and I, fossils that we now seem to be, started celebrating this day around 1986. It used to be a special day for us when we would reiterate our love for each other and exchange […]

The “Chubbies” of Club Mahindra

We are not Club Mahindra members, but this year when we thought of a short holiday in Munnar, this was the only property everyone said we must visit. It is also among the few Club Mahindra properties that has hotel rooms given out to non-members and we managed to get a booking. The property is […]

Laughing at Ourselves

It says something about a society when it can’t laugh at itself! If you were to look at WhatsApp Groups or Google Groups, you would think that Indians are the funniest people on Earth. Virtually every second post is a forwarded joke…the commonest jokes being about husband-wife relationships then sex and then politicians. In fact, […]

Red Nails and Funerals

A friend’s father died a couple of weeks ago. That Sunday morning, the dead-body / corpse, once a living Mr. D, was to be taken to the Sion crematorium from his house in Matunga. I went to offer my condolences and to be around in case my friend needed any help. There were quite a […]