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The “Chubbies” of Club Mahindra

We are not Club Mahindra members, but this year when we thought of a short holiday in Munnar, this was the only property everyone said we must visit. It is also among the few Club Mahindra properties that has hotel rooms given out to non-members and we managed to get a booking. The property is […]

The This and That of Air Travel

Much has changed in the two years since I last wrote about this. What hasn’t changed though is our expectation as travellers; seamless online ticketing, pain-free web checkin, fast movement of lines at the airport desks, quick, efficient and polite security checks and easy entry into and exit from the airports. And so, a few […]

How the Bullet Raja Team Ruined a Perfect Chicago Evening

I like to see films when I travel and have fond memories of different theatre and film experiences. For example, in Berlin, before one of the Mission Impossible films, the ads lasted for around 45 minutes, watched patiently by a full house, followed by an interval and then the main film. Over the years though, […]

Random Saurashtra Notes

We spent the Diwali week traveling through Jamnagar, Dwarka, Porbandar and Gondal, finally stopping at a resort near Rajkot. We are natives of Kathiawar and Saurashtra and the trip was part family-visit and part tour. Saurashtra and Kathiawar have their own pace and rhythm and way of doing things. My observations in no particular order! […]

To Get a Smile from the Airline Staff and Other Random Travel Thoughts

It’s not as if airline staffers do not smile and greet travellers. Most of the times though, the smile does not reach the eyes and is a mechanical chant, a standard “customer-friendly” operating procedure. There is one act however from our side that is guaranteed to bring forth a genuine “thank you” from one group […]