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It’s Not Just Maggi!

A few years ago, before I was bumped off by her, my lunch used to come from Ms. Vijaya Venkat’s health service. She would make it a point to keep telling us about the five white poisons; sugar, salt, maida, oil and milk and her vegetarian food used to be extraordinarily good despite the minimal […]

Traffic Jams

Before you roll your eyes and say, “Not again. Not one more article about cars and traffic jams and law breaking motor cyclists and bad roads and potholes” …this is not about vehicular traffic jams. There are 8 days left for SCMM’s 11th edition…before some of you non-runners roll your eyes and say “Not again. […]

Running does not damage knees

I have been crying myself hoarse over the last few years that running does not damage knees anymore than any other regular activity and that there is no real data supporting this.  Here is an article that helps reinforce this.


I ran in Vijayawada on Sunday, Sept 22nd. I started at around 5.50 AM and finished a 10K around an hour and 12 minutes later. This wasn’t bad considering the timings of my previous recent, post-athai runs. I had planned the run around sunrise, which was to be at 5.45 AM. I was staying at […]

The High

The most complaints I get about this column are when I write about running. Lekin, saal mein ek piece to banta hai! It can happen only in India. People celebrate the opening of dance bars, while kids are dying after a mid-day meal, as in the “ringa-ringa-roses” ditty. The rupee is in free fall, yet the Sensex is […]

A Sure-Fire Weight Loss Method

LOSE WEIGHT! 2 KG IN TWO WEEKS!!! NO DIET! NO EXERCISE!!! SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN!!!!! I have grabbed your attention haven’ I! But I do have a secret way of losing weight…all in due course. When I first became weight conscious, I was told it was a simple equation. Calorie intake less than calorie expense equals weight […]

Indian Coffee in Wien

Last week, in Vienna (Wien), while running in the first District, past the City hall and along the Danube in a loop around Stephenplatz and Schwedenplatz, I saw a shop called Coffee Day on University Road. I did not make much of it initially, but when I passed it a second time, I paused mid-stride, […]

The Final Deletes

Yesterday’s papers were pretty much full of just one thing…the budget. I completely fail to understand the point of this yearly tamasha. But the whole “event” does provide gainful employment to everyone from the finance minister to the financial analysts…so I guess the entertainment value is worth the effort! Last Sunday, 4 minutes before I […]

Something About Nothing (…and A Little for All)

I thought only actors got typecast! After last week’s piece “The Namoral Dilemma”, I received emails, SMSes, blog comments and calls asking why I had written a political piece and deviated from my usual focus on to day-to-day life in Matunga and Mumbai. Seriously! There is a top 5 list of “reasons to hate marathon […]

Mumbai Marathon Reminiscences

This would have been my 5th continuous half-marathon. I am registered, have a bib, but can’t run…I have a commitment in another city that is even more important! If it was just another run (and there are so many of them these days), it wouldn’t have mattered…the Mumbai Marathon has now morphed into something bigger […]