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The New Running Bibles

Death, the big news this week, can come in many forms, but the one that caps a life of sloth is unnecessary and preventable. Current data suggests that more than 1/3rd of the world’s population has taken up voluntary physical inactivity…the social consequences of this “couch potato” syndrome are and will be far-reaching; and more […]

The Lands of Darkness

According to the Wikipedia, the original “Land of Darkness” is the Forest of Abkhazia, popularized by the medieval writings of Sir John Mandeville, where God created an impenetrable darkness around the forest to trap the Persion Emperor Saures’ army that was persecuting Christian subjects. The “Land of Darkness” is now a popular phrase, coined by […]

What I Write About, When I Write About Running (with due respect to Mr. Murakami)

I once wrote about the shortage of running spaces in Mumbai and Matunga. This piece is about the