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The Time-Suckers of Our World

And so it’s back. Racier and snappier but with a map and music that are copied from Game of Thrones (GOT), without of course GOT’s decapitations and nudity. Mahabharata (MahaB) is still so fascinating. Forty years after I first read the Amar Chitra Kathas and then the books and subsequently went through the great Indian […]

Clay Feet

I am an eternal cynic. Each time someone shouts from the roofs about wanting to bring in radical change and make a difference, I grow cold. Invariably such people have vested interests or conflicts that make believing in them so much more difficult, unless they prove themselves over and over again. I remember writing this […]

How Beautiful Should a Voice Look?

Three days ago, a friend (thanks, Tillu), posted a YouTube link on Facebook about Susan Boyle’s performance on the show “Britain’s Got Talent”. After you type Susan Boyle in the search bar on YouTube, you should choose the first video; it is 7:08 minutes long, because it contains her pre-performance build-up as well. Here we […]

The Power Is Ours

This was in today’s Mumbai Mirror. On Monday night, my Mom called up to ask whether our TV was working, because all she was getting on her TV was snow. For a moment, I thought her cable had been disconnected as well, but we soon realized that the cable operators were on strike. I thought […]