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It’s Not Just Maggi!

A few years ago, before I was bumped off by her, my lunch used to come from Ms. Vijaya Venkat’s health service. She would make it a point to keep telling us about the five white poisons; sugar, salt, maida, oil and milk and her vegetarian food used to be extraordinarily good despite the minimal […]

Whose Service Charge is it Anyway!

I remember many years ago, hospitals used to levy a 10-15% surcharge on the total bill. There was no rationale and the explanation used to be that it covered ancillary costs that could not be separately categorized. Enough people complained, and the surcharge was removed. Restaurants have now gotten into the fray and started levying […]

A Sure-Fire Weight Loss Method

LOSE WEIGHT! 2 KG IN TWO WEEKS!!! NO DIET! NO EXERCISE!!! SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN!!!!! I have grabbed your attention haven’ I! But I do have a secret way of losing weight…all in due course. When I first became weight conscious, I was told it was a simple equation. Calorie intake less than calorie expense equals weight […]

Cream Circle

Voltaire once said, “ice-cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn’t illegal”. For me, ice-cream is one of those things that would make life incomplete, if it didn’t exist. I remember as a kid, my Mom making ice-cream at home using a manual churning machine that was packed on the outside with salt and ice. […]

Love in The Times of Swine Flu

This week has been so surreal that it has been impossible to even think of writing about anything else other than H1N1 and the swine flu. I had been writing my piece on swine flu over the last three days, trying to highlight in a slightly funny and sarcastic manner, the ongoing mass hysteria, the […]

It’s Not Just About Rs. 90


What Olive and Indigo need to learn from “badam-nu-shaak” and “idli-stew”

I had a “must-attend” wedding reception to go to, at the Turf Club/Racecourse, on Monday. I also had a friend visiting from New York, with only Monday night to spare for dinner. To make the best of a complicated situation, we booked a table at the Racecourse Olive. The plan was to wish the couple […]

Storm in a coffee cup

This has appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. Expresso in my childhood days meant a frothy coffee with milk, halfway between a cappuccino and latte, that used to be served in movie halls and theatres. At home too, this was made on special occasions as a treat and like the new Bru ad, the fun was […]

South Indian cuppa vs the French press

This was published in today’s Mumbai Mirror. My first memories of coffee are of drinking Mom-made, cold Nescoffee at home. Expresso in those days was the frothy hot coffee you got at fun-n-fairs, from

A Chinese Tale

This appeared in yesterday’s Mumbai Mirror. A couple of weeks ago, we were returning from a