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“Main Hoon Kaun?”

“Main Hoon Kaun!” This question has been haunting me for the last two weeks, giving me sleepless nights, while I grapple with the eternal existential question of my identity and existence. (This piece has to be read along with the article titled “The Good Men of India” written by Ms. Lavanya Sankaran in The New […]

Who Reads Anymore

Last week, Ms. Lavanya Sankaran in an infamous article in the New York Times titled “The Good Men of India” created ripples by dividing Indian men into two categories; either feral and rapists or “common Indian”, as in “gharelu” and domesticated. The badly written piece did more to make her known than her two previous […]

The WhatsApp Flood of “JFs”

Each time I write a piece about my trials managing some particular technology, the Luddites get back saying that the solution is so simple…don’t use it…or walk away. I wish it were that simple. It’s weird. Everyone has his/her individual preferences. Someone is comfortable only with calls, another incessantly texts, a third uses WhatsApp and […]

Whose Service Charge is it Anyway!

I remember many years ago, hospitals used to levy a 10-15% surcharge on the total bill. There was no rationale and the explanation used to be that it covered ancillary costs that could not be separately categorized. Enough people complained, and the surcharge was removed. Restaurants have now gotten into the fray and started levying […]


Though I am in my late 40s, I usually feel 30ish and on good days, 20ish. The world however never misses a chance to remind me that I am not 20 or 30 years old anymore. Last weekend my wife and I flew to Hyderabad for a running event. I had pre-reserved the seats 1D […]

Our Death Wish

We are a funny society. On the one hand, we worry about our longevity and getting sick and we go through annual medical check-ups and take medication for hypertension and diabetes. And yet, when it comes to protecting ourselves from injury and accident, we all seem to have an intensely self-callous attitude that seems to […]

Police Raj in Medicine

On Wednesday, private practice radiologists across the state went on a one-day token strike. Most of you would have missed it, since private practice radiology is not an essential service and public and private hospitals did not join the strike. Radiologists are doctors who perform and interpret x-ray studies, sonographies, CT scans, MRIs, angiograms and […]

Free Will Deception and Flooding

Last Friday, I was dining with friends at Khan Market in Delhi, when the talk turned to “free will”. Many eons ago, I used to be cock-sure that all my decisions were mine and mine alone, because of my “free will”. I now know there is no such thing…all decisions we make are in the […]

The Alternate Universe of the Bizarre and Insane

Bizarre things happen these days! Vincent Van Gogh was looking out the window of his Worli Sea Face apartment. The monsters were back, teasing and beckoning him from the turbulent waves crashing on those horrible tripods. He just had had a fight with Sharmila and he couldn’t understand why she was not able to pierce […]

A Chill Pill A Day…

After last week’s satire on the many ways to lose weight, I received an email from a concerned individual. “Firstly, you are wrong to connect Jainism with weight loss. Jain terminology is not for losing weight, but rather to purify the soul by means of fasting. Hence it is inappropriate for you to spread the […]