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Free Will Deception and Flooding

Last Friday, I was dining with friends at Khan Market in Delhi, when the talk turned to “free will”. Many eons ago, I used to be cock-sure that all my decisions were mine and mine alone, because of my “free will”. I now know there is no such thing…all decisions we make are in the […]

Mud-Splattered Nirvana

Our relationship with the rains is completely schizoid. While we want it to rain, so that there is enough water throughout the year, we get really stressed and irritated when it rains on our way to work or when we are traveling to keep an appointment, or basically at anytime during the workweek. And yet […]

Concerts in Contrast

This appears in today’s Mumbai Mirror. Last Sunday, despite my protests, I accompanied my family to a Sonu Nigam concert, a the Shanmukhananda Hall. Honestly, if it wasn

All About the Rains

After writing about our experiences on Terrible Tuesday, my thoughts turned towards those times when the rains were fun. This was when I was much younger and had the time to appreciate the rains. This piece is out today in the Mumbai Mirror. For the last few years though, each time it rains, the first […]

Rain-Soaked Memories

This appears in today’s Mumbai Mirror. It is so ironic that what sustains life can treacherously take it away as well. And yet, amidst all the chaos and misery that has been wrought by the rains over the last week, run memories of fun times as well. Until I finished my PG, I didn

Surviving Terrible Tuesday

This appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. My wife was stuck on the top of Parel flyover for 2 hours from around 4.00PM, trying to get to Matunga. Not having moved an inch, she turned around and went to the ITC Grand at Parel for a much-needed loo and coffee break, after some taxi drivers removed […]

It Happens Only in Mumbai…Of Deluges, Treks, Leptospirosis and Wet Mobiles

Currently I am about to finish a week’s prophylactic course of an antibiotic called doxycycline, for a disease called leptospirosis. This is an infectious disease, spread through rat droppings and typically seen in sewage workers. If not picked up early, it becomes deadly and people die because of multiple organ hemorrhaging. I am sure you […]