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Matka Medicine – my new newsletter

Hi I have started a new newsletter called Matka Medicine ( The aim is to empowering ourselves to take control of our own health. The Scope and Index In the last month, these are the new Matka Medicine topics that I have posted. What We Do What and How We Are The Matka of Better […]

Getting Picked Up

To understand this piece, you need to be clued into what is happening these days in Mumbai. In case you are unaware, please read these 3 newspaper reports online from India Today, NDTV and Mumbai Mirror. Last Thursday, needing to unwind after a busy day, I went to Upper Parel, to the new buzzing Mahavir […]

The How and Why of Honking and Honkers in Mumbai

A couple of weeks ago I was in the city of Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada. Vancouverites are amazingly welcoming and polite, and more importantly, patient. While not as laid-back as St. Lucians, (who will not honk even if the traffic is backed up because two friends in their respective cars have decided […]

The Grays of Honesty

There are no absolutes when it comes to integrity and honesty! A doctor friend of mine, after a couple of drinks at a recent party, narrated a story about a patient Z, who had been troubling him and his staff for the past 2-3 days. Z was to be operated for a slow growing tumor […]

Made by Man

Earlier this week, most newspapers ran a story about an article in the current issue of Nature, which discussed genetic similarities and variations in Indians, The general thread of the “lay” coverage was that there are no pure “North Indians” or  “South Indians” and that all Indians share common genes from the Ancestral North Indian […]

The Top Ten Ways of Becoming Fair

Background: This was written as an irritated response to some of the serious feedback that I received from those who actually took the contents of my piece titled “Black, White and Various Shades of Brown” (1.2), seriously. This was written in September 2000. An earlier article of mine “Black, White and Various Shades of Brown” […]

Black, White and Various Shades of Brown

This was a “funny” piece that I had written for Sulekha in November 1999, which was also cross-posted here, but with a different URL that doesn’t exist now. It was published later in 2001, in Sulekha Select, a compilation of 42 pieces by various authors. I came across a project report written by an executive of […]