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Two days ago, a friend, a com­pul­sive gifter, was lament­ing the lack of options when it comes to buy­ing gifts for men, whether hus­bands, rel­a­tives or just other male friends. Which is just so untrue! Con­sid­er­ing that the Year-end is a good time to receive and give gifts, here is a list of stuff we men would love to get from you women…leaving out obvi­ous, unimag­i­na­tive items like iPhones, iPads and laptops.

1. Cof­fee

If your man is an espresso drinker and has an espresso machine, buy him fresh roasted cof­fee from Blue Tokai. Matt Chitha­ran­jan has a wide range of sin­gle estate and blended cof­fees that smell and taste won­der­ful and can all be ordered online. Rs. 250‑1200.

2. The Mini Jambox

This is a sexy, wire­less, blue­tooth speaker that packs a punch, fills a room and despite its slim size, has decent bat­tery life. Rs. 1200. 

3. 8000mAH Battery

I have a Japan­ese Pro­Mini. It charges an iPhone from 20% to 100% thrice over, which is a boon when you are on the road, with­out access to an elec­tric socket. Rs. 6,000.

4. Her­mes Ties

There are ties and there are ties. And then there are Her­mes ties. If you have to get your man a tie, for­get the cheap Satya Paul ones. Go the whole hog and get some­thing he will remem­ber you for, for the rest of his life. Rs.12,000 plus.

5. Laphroaig Malt

If he is a sin­gle malt lover, splurge on an expen­sive, peaty, smokey one like Laphroaig or Lagavulin, espe­cially one of the slightly older, less com­mon vari­ants that can then be quaffed on Dec 31st to usher in a happy-happy New Year. Rs.18,000 plus.

6. Bose In-Ear Noise Can­celling Headphones

When trav­el­ing, I love to shut myself off and catch up on TV shows and movies. The stan­dard noise can­celling head­phones are just too bulky, espe­cially for day travel, when all you want to carry is a small sling or clutch. The new Bose Qui­et­Com­fort 20i head­phones do away with those bulky head­pieces and come with just in-ear plugs…that actu­ally work. And all this fits into a small pouch that takes up vir­tu­ally no space. Rs. 23,000.

7. Tumi Mes­sen­ger (Verona)

For daily use and for sin­gle day trips, a good styl­ish mes­sen­ger bag with enough com­part­ments never hurts. This one has sep­a­rate pouches for a lap­top, iPAD, charg­ers and other travel essen­tials like items 4 and 6…and looks good. Rs. 23,000.

8. Hard Leather-Soled Lace-Up Shoes

Like ties, there are shoes and there are shoes. Good shoes are not cheap. You can choose among brands like Church, Fer­rag­amo or Bally, but they have to be hard leather-soled, prefer­ably lace-ups and not the stu­pid rubber-soled rub­bish we get locally. Rs. 40,000 plus.

9. Canali Nehru Jackets

Canali is per­haps the first Ital­ian men-only fash­ion house to cre­ate a line for Indian men. Their awe­some jack­ets get sold out the moment they hit the store. Rs. 1L plus.

10. 3D Printer

This will make your man purr like a kit­ten. Get the Maker­bot Repli­ca­tor 2 or The Cube and see him 3D print all kinds of acces­sories for you. Rs. 1.5L plus.

11. You

For all the wives, fiancés and girl­friends! Just like Penny did in the Big Bang episode last week…if you are strapped for cash, or even oth­er­wise, noth­ing beats gift­ing your­self, gift-wrapped…or unwrapped. And “you” would be bet­ter than all the other ten…combined! And…priceless!


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