80 batch reunion

This piece appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror.
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  • hi mfm……i happened to read your site sy years ago when c.y.gopinath mentioned it in bombay times…..lot has passed since then….from being a heady young guy to some one to take care of someone else’s life…seen a lot of in these years….. i associate a lot of my nostalgia (i am 24 right now , not very old at all….) still……i enjoy your articles …lot of them would become our topic of discussion in our group, when we meet in borivali…..i have great memories of matunga….still frequent it for food…my girlfriend and now soon to be wife loves the food at sharda bhavan, amba bhavan. madras cafe, mysore cafe and i still swear by the aroma of mysore concerns…..borivali too is as diverse as matunga….(more on it some time later…) i’l try and write to youat a regular basis….hope you keep updating our site…..till then
    take care,

  • Thanks for your kind words. I really have no knowledge about Borivali, except for the time when I interned at Bhagwati Hospital in the late 80s. I am sure things have changed considerably since.

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