Kids Find The Darndest Thing Funny…About “24” and Time Bomb 9/11

We are great fans of “24” and have already seen Seasons 1-3 on DVD, not wanting to wait till the show aired in India. In fact, my season 4 DVD set has just been posted by Amazon UK to my sister’s place in London and I should probably get it by next week. “24” airs as 24 one-hour episodes where the action unfolds in real-time. It is a little difficult to explain the show…many people think it is a reality show, which it isn’t…but one viewing of one episode is enough to make the concept understandable. “24” is basically a thriller and chronicles the story of a single day of importance (averting the assassination of the President, preventing a nuclear bomb exploding over LAD, etc) and stars Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. The scripting and filming are terrific. I think AXN India has been airing “24” episodes, but at weird hours at night.
Zee has just started airing a show called Time Bomb 9/11, which is a complete rip-off of “24”. Even the music that plays during the display of the time and the multi-frame shots just before the commerical breaks have been copied. Apparently Fox has sued Zee TV over this, though the show continues to air.
I saw 10 minutes of one episode on Monday and I was describing to my wife and niece, a scene that I had found particularly funny. This is how I described the scene to them. “There are two wan, pale-faced whites, probably Brits, playing a secret agent and the President of the United States, respectively. The agent draws up to the White House, in a stretch limo and goes to meet the President in his office. He enters saying “Mr. President, Mr. President, congratulations. You will be pleased to know that Osama has been killed.” The President gets up and shakes the agent’s hands saying “Wow! Thank you, thank you.”” As I finished saying this, the twins (who I had not noticed, but were listening to me rapturously) burst out laughing. It must have been the way that I described the scene, because it is unlikely that they were laughing at the ludicrousness of the scene itself, but nevertheless they found it so funny, that they have made me narrate this “joke” at least five times in the last two days. Moreover, they have also started narrating the incident in their own way to others in the house.
Go figure!

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