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Just Once is Enough

This essay appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror. We had the 20th class reunion of our medical college batch that joined LTMMC in 1982, about four years ago. Except for those few who didn

Damned if you, damned if you don’t

This appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror The resident doctors all over Maharashtra have again gone on strike this week and its that d

Patient Empowerment – Definitely not a Good Thing

The Sunday NY Times has a long article on the travails faced by patients in the US, in this modern world. The article is a must-read for all patients and doctors. It traces the history of the current state of affairs, relating it to the movement for access to information that the baby-boomers demanded in […]

The Deteriorating Doctor-Patient Relationships – Who is to Blame?

A couple of weeks back, the Sunday edition of Times of India carried a completely one-sided article on how the doctor-patient relationship has changed for the worse with examples of doctors cheating patients, starting with some Calcutta-based physicians who had been sentenced to three-months rigorous imprisonment for some supposed negligence. A week later, “The Sunset” […]

How to Become a Doctor in Four Weeks

Here is a roadmap of how to become a doctor in four weeks or less and to earn more than conventional physicians and surgeons. First, take a reiki course for a week and become a reiki-master or expert. Understand the nuances of the posturing and hand movements and the importance of correct jargon. Once this […]

The Holistic Treatment Soup

Breast cancer with liver metastases. It was like a death sentence for Seema. The prognosis was poor and the expected suffering, considerable, but she decided to give it a good fight. After multiple consultations and tests, she found a good, kind oncologist, who took her through five cycles of a rigorous chemotherapy regime. Three months […]