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Dog Spas, Tattoo Shops…What Next!

King’s Circle has more than 5 salons…but no spa. You can get shampoos and haircuts and manicures and pedicures, but no ‘spa experience”. And since we are a “middle-class” locality, we don’t even have one of those “ladies” parlors in one of the “quiet” streets. And yet…your dogs and cats…can get a spa experience…in Matunga! […]

Sun Signs for the 40ers

This is for those in their 40s. A good age to be, at times depressing, but great fun. Aries: Today, you will forget a friend’s name. You will remember her profession, where she lives, her husband’s name and where her children study. You will remember that you had remembered her name just ten minutes ago, […]

Show Business Activism

You are dreaming! You are a 40-something successful superstar, struck with middle-age angst, aching to do something different and socially relevant. You flirt with the likes of the Narmada project and Anna Hazare but they turn out to be too controversial. Then you realize that it’s best to do something within the context of your […]

Getting Picked Up

To understand this piece, you need to be clued into what is happening these days in Mumbai. In case you are unaware, please read these 3 newspaper reports online from India Today, NDTV and Mumbai Mirror. Last Thursday, needing to unwind after a busy day, I went to Upper Parel, to the new buzzing Mahavir […]

“ID Ten T” Mistakes and Errors

Five of us (my twins, another couple and I) went cycling five Sundays back on the Port Trust road. We loaded the bikes into the trunks of our cars and drove till the Cotton Green junction, where we parked our cars and then headed down to the BPT road on our cycles. We gathered at […]

Buddhah Hoga…Tera Baap

This paper’s sister publication that also accompanies it in the morning, ran a front-page article on Thursday titled, “Middle-aged want to go the full distance”, starting with, “Visualize a 45-year old. The image that comes to your mind is that of a balding man who wears his paunch as proudly as his ability to knock […]

Black and Yellow Carbuncles

One of my favorite fantasies has me riding shotgun on a large bulldozer with a huge flame-thrower cradled over my shoulder. As soon as I come upon a black and yellow (B & Y) cab that is crawling forward at less than 30km per hour, or cutting in or not giving way or taking a […]

If You Don’t Like, Don’t See It

My morning routine involves a 15-minute read of the front pages of all the English newspapers; rarely is there any item that positively changes my mental outlook for the day. This Thursday though was different. At least two papers carried a news item that had me chuckling throughout the day, keeping me so amused that […]

The Republic of South Bombay

This confidential letter landed on our news-desk two days ago. Though there was no letterhead, we believe that it came from someone close to the “Powers that Be”, who run are country. It was addressed to a gentleman from Colaba, who shall remain anonymous for everyone’s sake. “Dear Mr. ____. The letter that we received […]

The ‘Foot-in-Mouth’ Syndrome

In medical terminology, this is a syndrome that describes the art of saying the inappropriate thing at the inappropriate time. I was struck by this disease earlier this week, during my cousin sister